This is a blog about change. About leaving everything you know for everything you don’t. It’s about saying goodbye. And hello.


Samantha Pollack is a personal trainer living in Asheville, NC. She relocated from Boston in September 2010 and is in the process of building a new life with her boyfriend, Matthew and her cat, Maceo.

This is the cat.


1 Response to About

  1. Milton Silva says:

    holy crap, Maceo is still alive? That cat loved my towel rack!
    It’s Milton. You may not remember, but I was your roommate for about a year in boston. I googled you (and to be honest, surprised as shit that I remember your last name), because I had a dream about living in that apartment. You were in it too. We were just watching TV. Then I woke up. Then a crap load of memories came back (like about crazy 19 year old roommate with her 45 year old boyfriend).

    Seems you have been busy.
    Hope all is well

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