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Why I Still Love Eddie

Music lovers of any generation can always tell you what hooked them. For my mom, it was John Lennon singing “Twist and Shout.” In high school, my best friend and I geeked out over something called The Shit Mix, which … Continue reading

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The Joys and Sorrows of Being Unemployed

For the past two weeks, getting a job has been my job. The pay is crap. I have one “professional” outfit and have been wearing it every day. Is there anything more demoralizing than job hunting? Especially when you have … Continue reading

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My Life in a Truck, part one: Concrete Hugs and Plaster Kisses

It all started with a wild goose chase through East Boston to find a rental company that was actually about half a mile from my house in Somerville. (Thank you, Google maps). ┬áBut thanks to a patient Ann Marie (and … Continue reading

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