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Resolution, Schmes-olution

Helping people to achieve their goals is my business. So, it stands to reason that I also teach people how to set goals they can truly achieve. If I allow a client to pursue an unattainable goal and she fails, … Continue reading

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Stranger in a Strange Land

(video courtesy of youtube) Ladies aaaaaaand gentleman, step right up! Come see the freak of nature! She’s a personal trainer who actually thinks she can make a living that way! She thinks you have to know what you’re doing when … Continue reading

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On Running

Yesterday, I had a perfect run. A sunny, fall day with a nice breeze, a 3.5 mile course through a beautiful neighborhood encircling a lake, great tunes popping up on the iPod. Every so often, all these pieces fall into … Continue reading

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City Girl, Country Girl

Picture this: You are a woman walking home alone from the grocery store just as it’s gotten dark outside. The sidewalk is mostly deserted. About halfway home you notice a figure heading towards you from the opposite direction. As he … Continue reading

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My Life in a Truck, part two: One Feline’s Incredible Journey from New England to North Carolina

The Cat. Was. Not. Happy. 10,000 miles in a huge, noisy truck and you wouldn’t be happy either. Okay, fine. It wasn’t 10,000 miles. But it was really far. I pulled away from my crying sister at about 8:00 on Sunday … Continue reading

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My Life in a Truck, part one: Concrete Hugs and Plaster Kisses

It all started with a wild goose chase through East Boston to find a rental company that was actually about half a mile from my house in Somerville. (Thank you, Google maps).  But thanks to a patient Ann Marie (and … Continue reading

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Goodbye Katy Perry

The past few weeks have made me a specialist in the art of saying goodbye. Or rather, not saying goodbye. I’ve done a great job of avoiding most of the tears and heart wrenching finality that usually accompany goodbyes. Finality is … Continue reading

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